The name of the online platform is silverskills, a name that was selected for commercial reasons for branding and marketing. The name TSBank for the platform did not met the expectations for commercializing the product. In an initial phase it was collected different suggestions from all partners, deciding the name from a poll with active participation of all partners.



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AAL2Business Venture Academy

The AAL2Business Venture Academy 2018 occurred on the 25th of September, in Bilbao. The event joined inspiring AAL projects entrepreneurs and experienced investor coaches. This support action combined

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We are strengthening our business plan! Thanks Smart Ageing Prize 2018!

Thanks to the support we have received to improve the business plan from the Smart Ageing Prize 2018 of AAL Programme, with specialised mentoring, we are strengthening our business plan! What is our

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ANA Workshop

On July 31, 2018, we organized a workshop with the most relevant stakeholders to present the TSBank Project and the silverskills platform. We gave a general presentation about our areas of expertise - medical

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