TSBank is being presented and disseminated by the Project Coordinator Gil Gonçalves in the firt edition of the AGEING SUMMIT in Porto.

The event aims to bring together European leaders, experts and policy makers from the different areas related to the Demographic Aging process, namely in the areas of Health, Economy, Finance, Social and Innovation.

The summit aims to boost debate and explore the evolution of Aging in Portugal and Europe, by discussing the best strategies to adapt products and services aimed at this growing population.

The Ageing Summit is a stage for the creation of strategic value through inputs aimed at the redesign of public and business policies, aimed at boosting economic growth and mitigating the difficulties and constraints generated by Aging Societies. This event will bring the stakeholders involved in the processes closer together, promoting an integrated intervention that promotes strategies for Positive, Active and Healthy Aging.

AGEING SUMMIT 2018 promotes smart to-do, good practices that promote the quality of life in aging. The initiative is carried out in close collaboration with the Porto4Ageing Consortium and the University of Porto, which scientifically support the 1st Edition of AGEING SUMMIT. TSBank was selected as a best practice smart to-do, being presented with a digital poster (photos) and later will be part of a e-book which collects the best initiatives of the region.