End of the first phase of test with the end-users of the silverskills platform

The field tests are performed in two iterations in Romania and Switzerland. As reguard the swiss test, it has been carried out in collaboration with the organization for elderly Pro Senectute. The pilot started on M19 (December 2017) and are held in 2 iterations of about 3 months and a 1/2 each one (M19, December 2017 – mid of M20, January 2018 and mid of M22, March 2018 – M25, June 2018), with one month in between (mid of M20 – M21) for adaptation.

For the first pilot the target number of end-users has been reached:

  • In Switzerland – 15 PEU’s and 5 SEU’s
  • In Romania – 20 PEU’s and 16 SEU’s

In a first workshop the platform were demonstrated and the interested users tried the platform in the next step at home starting from the registration of the profile.

After a week from the beginning of the test, the PEU filled the first questionnaire (ASQ1) consisting of 6 questions with the goal of evaluating the satisfaction of the volunteers. The degree of satisfaction is measured by the Likert scale.

Generally, the usability of the platform was positive in all of its aspects.

In mid-March will start the second test and thanks to the many advices provided during the first pilot, the platform has been improved