Start of the second phase of test with the end-users of the silverskills platform

The field tests as the first test are performed in two iterations in Romania and Switzerland.
The second phase of experimentation of the silverskills platform is started in April and will end in June, we will focus equally on both primary and secondary end users.
In terms of Primary end users we got in touch with the ones that took part in the first phase, explaining what this stage implies – almost all of them accepted to go forward for this second phase.

In Switzerland:

The recruitment of volunteers took place thanks to the support of the association ATTE (Aiuto Ticinese alla Terza Età).
Two meeting moments were proposed where the participants were informed about the project and it was possible to register directly the profile for the platform. The first meeting took place on March 14 in Manno, while the second on March 15 in Locarno.

In Romania:

At this time we are trying to create a Community of Active Seniors under the aegis of Ana Aslan International Foundation. In our attempt we created advertisements which we disseminated through the social networks that helped us gather new volunteers ready to share their time and experience in our projects, including TSBank. A series of flyers are to be distributed through General Practitioners in order to make our attempt more visible outside the social networks.
Although seniors are not so keen on online environments, we created an online group for the ones that have the skills to make it through, and we decided to offer, for the ones that do not poses such skills, basic computer trainings to make them accustomed with modern-day technology.
When it comes to secondary end users, we contacted the ones from the previous phase as well, but we also managed to gather new volunteers through social networks. We created an online working group so we can interact easily with each other.
For both primary and secondary end users we put together a Tutorial that aims to guide them through every step, from account creation to request and feedback. In terms of feedback, we created an online excel so that any user can complete it in real time.

In both countries:

During this second phase of the experimentation of the platform, volunteers and users can use silverskills to perform real action of volunteering in the tourism, consultancy and pet sitting.