Number Name from WP Nature/type Dissemination




D1.1 Calendar year report 1 Report Restricted M12, M27
D1.2 Mid-term review questionnaire 1 Document Restricted M12
D1.3 Final report 1 Report Restricted M27
D2.1 Guideline of end-users recruitment and enrolment (M2) 2 Document Restricted M2
D2.2 Ethical and Legal Issues 2 Report Public M2
D2.3 Specification of users needs and preferences 2 Report Restricted M4
D2.4 Scenarios and use cases 2 Report Restricted M5
D2.5 System architecture and technical specifications 2 Report Restricted M6
D3.1 Platform base software 3 Prototype Public M16
D3.2 Mobile Apps 3 Prototype Public M16
D3.3 Web-based interconnecting service 3 Prototype Public M16
D3.4 System content 3 Prototype Public M14
D4.1 Pilot plan 4 Report Restricted M12
D4.2 Training materials 4 Documents Public M18
D4.3 Service evaluation and adaptation report 4 Report Restricted M18, M27
D5.1 Project web-site 5 Website Public M3
D5.2 5 Presentation Public M6
D5.3 Draft business plan/business model 5 Report Restricted M12
D5.4 Final business plan/business model 5 Report Restricted M27
D5.5 Dissemination Plan 5 Report Public M27