“The right to age contemplation” Conference,

This Conference was organized by MedicHub Media, under the high patronage of the Senate Commission on Human Rights, Equal Opportunities, Cults and Minorities, with the support of the Commission for Public health and the Ministry of Labor and Social Justice, together with the White-Yellow Cross Foundation – ANA was invited as a recognized  stakeholder involved in the area of active and healthy aging – we sustained a presentation on the unexplored potential of involving senior volunteers in the community activities, where we pointed Silverskills platform as a useful solution to support such initiatives.

During this meeting it was agreed to initiate a “Pact for the Care of Elderly People” which will contain the main issues identified at national level with agreed implementation deadlines between the Executive (e.g. Ministry of Labor, Health, Finance, Regional Development), Legislative, Private and State Service Providers, and Representatives of the civil society.

Press release: https://www.medichub.ro/stiri/adoptarea-pactului-pentru-ingrijirea-persoanelor-varstnice-id-1968-cmsid-2